Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flex Spatial Filter - Update

I'd like to quickly revisit the Flex Spatial Flickr post as I've made some enhancements to address some bugs and other undesireable behaviors.

The biggest improvement you'll see is in the behavior of the popup for the selected photo -- particularly for photos located near the edges of the map display. I have implemented a modified version of the InfoPopup used in the the Sample Flex Viewer. This popup is a component which 'floats' over the map to display the selected photo. I am still using an InfoSymbol to display the photo thumbnails in the graphics layer -- but wasnt happy with the mouseover behaviors here. I think this is a much better approach.

I have also made some minor adjustments to the photo search results. I am filtering out photos that are missing attributes -- like title and dimensions -- that are needed by the application. Ive also adjusted the search bounding box so that only photos within the map extent are returned.

Im much happier with this now. Onto something new next week...


  1. I think what you have done is awesome. Could you provide the source for how you did the coverflow/GIS implentation for the Project Tour in your Flex app?

  2. Ive been crazy busy of late... and havent had time to blog much. I do plan to blog on the coverflow widget at some point. The implementation uses the CoverFlow component by Doug McCune -- so you can check that out in the meantime: